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Plenary 1: Navigating the New Landscape


National Anthems

Cantorial Soloist Abbie Strauss, Temple Israel, Memphis, TN



Stephen P. Seiden, Chair, JCC Association

Kara Bierman, Chair, Biennial Committee, JCC Association

 Jenny Hermann, Chair, Memphis Host Community Committee


Navigating an Evolving Landscape: Understanding and Asserting the Importance of Physical Spaces in A Virtual World

As our world becomes less personal, creating experiences and having physical connections becomes more important. What are the benefits of predictability and stability? Where does your JCC fit into this changing landscape? Alana Newhouse, editor-in-chief at Tablet Magazine, will offer a larger perspective for us to debate. Bring your questions.







Speaker: Doron Krakow, President and CEO, JCC Association

Speaker: Alana Newhouse, Tablet Magazine editor-in-chief

Location: Convention Center, Ballroom A

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

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