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Size of JCC: Sharing Session


Share with and learn from other lay and professional leadership from similar-size JCCs about best practices in board engagement, inside and outside of your boardrooms.

Small: Convention Center, Cotton Row Room

Chair: Marc Merklin, Akron, Ohio

JCC Association Staff: Alan Goldberg


Medium: Convention Center, Ballroom E

Chair: Suzanne Tucker, Westfield, New Jersey

JCC Association Staff: Dori Denelle, Mark Horowitz


Large: Convention Center, Ballroom D

Chair: Sue Strait, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

JCC Association Staff: David Posner, Dr. David Ackerman


Metro: Convention Center, Ballroom C

Chair: Eric Nislow, Baltimore, Maryland

JCC Association Staff: Janet S. Elam, Leah Garber

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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