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Arts, Culture and Ideas

Cultural arts explain our world and are essential to a vibrant Jewish community.

“Getting together with my JCC arts and culture colleagues was an inspiring, enriching and engaging experience.”

Randi Benesch, managing director, cultural arts, JCC Baltimore

That’s where your JCC fits in. Music, visual arts, literature, theater, film and dance all find expression at the J. The arts can open new ways of seeing the world, spark our imaginations and allow people to connect with ideas and concepts through a uniquely creative, Jewish lens. Weaving them throughout whatever you do, strengthens the JCC and its community. When you invite your communities to engage in creative activities, you engage Jewish audiences in compelling ways, and make your JCCs competitive in the broader marketplace.

At JCC Association, we offer expert guidance and support to JCC executive staff and programmers who seek to elevate their cultural arts offerings. We can assist you in everything from setting up and supporting a lay committee, to taking advantage of shared-group bookings, providing collaborations so that your JCC can explore the best in creativity, offering meaningful Jewish content, examining the Israeli cutting-edge, and more. Our annual Arts and Culture Gathering, which takes place in our New York offices, connects JCC professionals from across North America to one another, and to a greater mission.

JCCs that take advantage of our full-range of services are able to realize arts and culture as a route to increased user engagement. It is a path that not only supports the JCC’s mission, but also opens up a world of enlightenment, creativity and understanding beyond its doors to everyone who walks through them.