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Leadership Enrichment and Advancement Program (LEAP)

LEAP takes professionals with high potential and turns them into leaders.

LEAP (Leadership Enrichment and Advancement Program) is part of our Talent Management program, and assists JCCs in developing a conscious, deliberate approach to attracting, developing and retaining people who have both the aptitude and ability to meet current and future organizational needs.

We help JCCs build a larger pool of talent who will be able to best steer their organizations in the future, or explore careers within the JCC field. Each community participating in the Talent Management nominates staff to join the LEAP Program. During the year, participants focus on elevating their leadership skills during in-person summits and web-based, distance-learning opportunities.

The program concentrates on growing the strengths of the participants and developing additional areas of leadership needs by working with professional coaches and our staff. Another component of the LEAP program included small group homework assignments, monthly reports and a group JCC project aimed at enhancing the work being done in the local JCC.

Topics of study include:

  • The Leader as Influencer
  • The Leader as Change Agent
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Building Community


Joy Brand-Richardson

Provides support and career coaching to all JCC professionals and people seeking employment in JCCs. Creates and coordinates professional development opportunities to enrich the skills of JCC staff through webinars, regional and continental conferences, and workshops. Director of the JCC Professional Conference and the Graduate Scholarship Program. Co-creator of the JCC Association Talent Management program, a new signature program focusing on the growth and advancement of JCC Professionals.

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