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Become a Chaplain: Serving Jews Who Serve

Jewish Military Chaplains: Meeting the needs of Jews who serve

Why become a Rabbi?
To ensure a Jewish future
To build communities
To share a love of Judaism
To serve the Jewish people
Why become a Jewish Military Chaplain?
To ensure religious freedom
To bring Judaism’s message of hope and resiliency
To work with people of all faiths
To serve the Jewish people



JWB Jewish Chaplains Council’s mission:

To foster and promote a meaningful Jewish life for Jewish personnel in the U.S. military, their families, veterans and families of the fallen.

Help us meet the need

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council
In 1917, the Jewish Welfare Board began to serve young men entering the military in World War I. Today, one hundred years later, as JWB Jewish Chaplains Council, a signature program of JCC Association, that work continues.

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council provides the ongoing support rabbis need to serve as Jewish chaplains in the military. JWB is a U.S. government-accredited agency for serving the religious requirements of Jewish military personnel, their families, and patients in VA hospitals, or wherever they serve. JWB serves as a liaison to the Department of Defense, advocating for Jewish service members important rights such as access to kosher food, opportunities for worship, and the freedom to practice Judaism as they want.

JWB chaplains serve k’lal Yisrael, providing meaningful Jewish life for Jewish men and women and their families in isolated and lonely places. They are reaching Jews when and where they need understanding and support the most. In times of danger, in times of pain, providing prayer and comfort as well as times of celebration and life milestones, offering blessings and building community—JWB chaplains are there.

JWB Chaplains Are

  • Commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, Navy, or Air Force
  • Serving on active duty, reserve duty, and in the National Guard
  • Stationed throughout the world, on bases and aboard ships
  • Offering spiritual, moral, and ethical guidance to military leadership as well as service members in their units
  • Men and women, across the religious spectrum, from a variety of backgrounds
  • Routinely providing pastoral care and counseling to service members and their families
  • Leaders of unique and inspiring Jewish communities
Interested in becoming a JWB chaplain, or speaking with a chaplain about their work?
Contact Rabbi Irv Elson, JWB director