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Operation: #GoAboveAndBeyond

Make a difference: Support chaplains creating Jewish life for Jews in the U.S. military

Every year, JWB Jewish Chaplains Council provides chaplains with a $600 discretionary stipend.

These crucial funds enable our chaplains go above and beyond, 12 months of the year, giving the men and women who serve in our military authentic Jewish experiences: Battery-powered menorahs for the 100 Jewish marines at Camp Lejeune. A Purim party in the Afghan mountains. A Passover seder in Iraq. Shabbat meals for soldiers in boot camp. Preparing our troops’ children for a bar or bat mitzvah.

But chaplains simply cannot do it without you.

Right now, there are 10,000 Jews on active military duty all over the world serving the United States. This can be lonely. Chaplains of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council deliver the antidote: Jewish rituals practiced in community, even on a remote base in Qatar or an aircraft carrier in the Pacific.

For many military personnel, these are their first experiences of Jewish life. For others, this reawakens their Jewish connection.

Make an impact with your donation:

$600 – enables a chaplain to provide a full year of Jewish experiences on a military base
$300 – holiday celebrations for Hanukkah, Purim, and Passover
$100 – 10 weeks of challah and other treats for every Shabbat while soldiers are in boot camp
$54 – materials that support religious education for service personnel and their family members while on base
$36 – supplies to help a chaplain maintain kosher observance

Please make a donation today. ALL of the funds raised through this campaign will go directly to Jewish chaplains serving active duty military personnel and will support the mission of JWB.