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Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership & Management

Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership & Management

JCC Benchmarking

The Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership & Management helps tie the mission of the JCC to the business of the JCC. Through coordinated training, Benchmarking tools, and in-person consultation, we help JCCs address issues before they become problems, and offer policy guidance and operational support so that JCCs can set key goals based on data­—and reach them.


Andy Paller

Andy Paller, a vice president of JCC Association and director of JCC Excellence: Benchmarking, brings nearly 30 years’ experience in the Jewish federation world to his work leading Benchmarking consultations with JCCs throughout North America. He has written several case studies to deepen understanding of JCC strategies that contribute to strong Benchmarking results and has presented at numerous conferences since joining JCC Association in 2011. He previously served as planning director, chief financial officer, and associate executive director in the New Orleans and Hartford Jewish federations and was a member of the Jewish Federations of North America consulting division, working on planning, financial management, and financial resource development projects, including a continental-wide benchmarking initiative. His areas of expertise include tactical and strategic planning, research, financial management, process management, performance measurement, team building, and technology planning. Paller holds master’s degrees in social work and business administration.

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