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Talent Management Training Program

Helping your J recruit, train and retain the best of the best.

The comprehensive training that the Talent Management program provides has been invaluable for my JCC staff.

Joel Dinkin, Executive VP of Houston JCC

Having the right people in the right positions and performing at the highest level is challenging for any employer. To assist JCCs in building a larger pool of talent to steer them for the future, we established Talent Management as a pilot program in 2014. Our goal was to aid JCCs in developing a conscious, deliberate approach to attracting, developing, and retaining people who have both the aptitude and ability to meet the current and future needs of JCCs. JCC Association created a proprietary assessment tool to evaluate JCC professionals, their competency in the 22 characteristics of successful, and a framework to support both supervisors and employees as they work together to strengthen those capabilities. 25 JCCs have embarked on this learning program.

JCC Association commits to developing other learning opportunities for all JCC professionals in selected competency areas to increase the growth and leadership skills of the overall JCC professional workforce across North America.