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Early Childhood Education Consultation

Our Promise to Our Professionals and Families…

JCC Association’s early childhood services department aims to inspire and support Jewish journeys for families with young children. Our vision is that families will see every JCC in North America as a place that upholds the highest educational standards, deeply embedded in a framework of Jewish values. These are values that speak to the lives of diverse, contemporary Jewish families of all denominations. We want each of our JCC early childhood centers to be a community of engaged parents, life-long learners and informed consumers of high-quality education for young children. We understand that the magic of childhood is rooted in wonder, awe, curiosity, trust and love. At the JCC, this magic is woven through the experience of a living Judaism and a celebration of life.

Our mission includes providing the latest information about young children and how they learn as well as how to engage young families. Our work also encompasses the exploration of our ancient texts, Jewish traditions, and values for each of our constituents. Our philosophy is to educate constituents at all levels, including executive directors, boards, lay committees, early childhood directors and administrators, teachers, parents and children throughout North America.

As we continue to grow and expand, we look to meet the ever changing demands and challenges of Jewish early childhood education throughout the JCC community. We count you, our constituents, as members of our own learning community and need your involvement to continue to develop as the central address for Jewish early childhood resources. Contact Mark Horowitz for more information.

 A sampling of services from our department:

  • Comprehensive assessment of early childhood centers, program, curriculum, administrative
  • Consultation on governance and administrative structure of your ECE program
  • Workshops on topics such as:
    • Jewish values as the foundation for your early childhood program
    • Emergent curriculum
    • School and classroom environments
    • The urgency of listening & observing
    • Parent engagement
    • Documentation in the early childhood center: a communication tool for teachers, parents & children
    • The Reggio Emilia philosophy as a point of reference for JCC EC centers
  • Curriculum assessment and enhancement
  • Resources for programs and program ideas
  • Books and articles on relevant topics for JCCs
  • Individual needs of  schools and communities
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