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Statement of Principles

JCC Movement Statement of Principles for the 21st Century

The vision of the JCC Movement is to create a vibrant and welcoming Jewish environment that encourages people to lead engaged lives of meaning and purpose. We believe the JCC is a primary destination for Jewish engagement, a locus of learning and celebration and a connector to Jewish life: a place where individuals and families can encounter Jewish ideas, principles, practices, and values; where they encounter Israel and explore the ideal of Jewish peoplehood in their lives; and a public square for convening important conversations both within the Jewish and among the broader community.

JCC programs, services, and connections will support a diverse and thriving Jewish people-and as appropriate, the broader community-in making fulfilling and healthy life choices. Through this work, we will model a world in which, more than ever, Jewish wisdom is valued; differences are respected; communities are built; creativity is encouraged, and aspirations are realized in exciting and powerful new ways.

The JCC’s primary purpose is to strengthen Jewish life and is built upon these principles:

  • Creating a Jewish identity is a unique and individual life-long process.
  • Respecting and supporting diverse Jewish opinions, beliefs, and practices are essential for strong and enduring Jewish communities.
  • Interaction between diverse groups of Jews is critical for the well-being and future of the Jewish people.
  • Jewish living and learning sit at the heart of the JCC.
  • Israel is an eternal birthright of the Jewish people, linking us to our past and to Jews around the world today.
  • Strong Jewish communities benefit, and benefit from, their larger communities.

Download a PDF of the JCC Movement Vision and Statement of Principles.