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Real data, real results—JCC Benchmarking is the key to enhanced JCC performance.

Our proprietary Benchmarking proactively helps JCCs improve their services and operations by identifying and tracking measurable indicators of JCC organizational health. Benchmarking helps JCCs capitalize on their strengths and serves as an “early warning system” to detect problems before they become crises. The results show each participating JCC how it compares to its peers on key drivers of organizational success, and provides longitudinal comparisons to measure progress year-over-year.

Initiated in 2005, Benchmarking works with approximately 50 JCCs each year. The program has assisted a total of 88 JCCs since the start, and has made tremendous progress defining what is JCC excellence by identifying organizational programs, procedures and policies that truly drive desired outcomes.

Benchmarking spans two years—the first focused on collecting data, and the second on implementing strategies for improvement—with a focus on helping JCCs translate the data into concrete action. We have created online dashboards for JCCs and have recently added new Benchmarking tools around effective board governance. Any of our JCCs can participate in Benchmarking. All they need is a commitment from leadership and the ability to provide data. The program will engage senior management, line staff and the board of directors in the process.

“Big data is even important to JCCs—Benchmarking isn’t just about the numbers. It’s about the story behind them.”

Andy Paller

Participation helps your JCC celebrate its operational strengths and identify opportunities for improvement. The process provides a platform for engaging volunteer leadership and JCC staff around clear and strategic metrics in the areas Jewish impact, user engagement, financial sustainability, staff satisfaction and board governance, and tracks progress over time. Benchmarking data, findings and identified exceptional practices also represent an important resource for all JCCs, and an important tool for our consultants when working with your JCC.