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Hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and floods—all natural disasters that have damaged our JCCs and our communities. In the days after a crisis, as a JCC begins to regroup, JResponse will be there.

Conceived as a way to address immediate needs of a JCC in crisis, JResponse will send the JCC Movement’s most valuable asset—trained JCC professionals—to assist when disaster strikes. JCC professionals, selected by their home JCC for training with JCC Association, and its partner, IsraAid, will be trained to coordinate disaster responses, ready to assist a JCC in need.

JCCs agree to release their staff to participate in training and to be on rotation should the need arise to send them to provide assistance and relief to another JCC in a moment of need, allowing it—and its staff—to focus on getting back on their feet.


Leah Garber

Represents the interests of JCC Association and North American JCCs in Israel, and works to develop collaborative ventures with the JCC Movement’s partners in Israel. Works to make Israel more accessible to JCCs, to develop Israel as a Jewish educational experience, and to create opportunities for North American and Israeli community leaders, professionals, and members to build meaningful ties. Coordinates partnership projects between North American JCCs and Israeli JCCs.

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