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Cohort Learning

Our most effective method for training and developing your professionals.

Countless studies show that the opportunity for professional development is a key factor in determining professional satisfaction. So, we take every opportunity we can to bring together groups of JCC professionals and lay leaders from across the continent for unique learning opportunities.

Executive directors meet at the annual Mifgash: Executive Leadership Seminar to talk about what’s going on in the JCC Movement and learn about the latest in nonprofit management techniques. We have a program that offers support and guidance for first-time executives, which includes visits and mentoring. We established a task force to study how to recruit and retain the finest professionals to lead JCCs in the future. We convene cohorts of camp directors, early childhood and teen professionals, and more, both in person and virtually. Whether you’re new to the JCC or camp world, or you’re a seasoned veteran, we have opportunities for you to learn and grow.