Benchmarking: Measuring for Excellence

JCC Benchmarking

JCC Benchmarking helps JCCs improve their services and operations by tracking measurable indicators of excellence in financial sustainability, Jewish impact, member/user engagement, staff engagement and program performance.

Benchmarking helps JCCs capitalize on their strengths and serves as an “early warning system” to detect problems before they become crises. It also leads to development of exemplars: best practices in programs, policies and procedures, which can be replicated by other JCCs.

Our Benchmarking services will provide your JCC with three types of information:

  1. The JCC field at large
  2. Your individual JCC compared to other JCCs of a similar (budget) size
  3. Your JCC compared to your own JCC year-over-year

To date, 73 JCCs, more than 45 percent of all JCCs across North America, have participated in the Benchmarking process. For more information, contact Andy Paller.

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