Community Consultation

Marketing & Communications Consultation

Everything is changing in marketing—from how people self-identify to how we communicate. A promotional campaign that worked in the past probably won’t work today, draining resources in the process. JCC Association provides help with the changing communications landscape and can guide your JCC’s efforts to target, connect, and engage your community. Our new media consultation will include planning for social media, website, blogs, and the skills necessary to use them effectively.

This fluid environment poses tough questions for JCCs:

  • What makes your community tick, and who is the competition?
  • Are you primarily in the program and event business, or the relationship business?
  • What are the best ways to connect with members and prospects?
  • Is the marketing department staffing model right for 2012?

That’s why it’s so important to have periodic marketing check-ups with our JCC Association marketing consultant, Michael Rowland, and our new media consultant, Chris Strom. An intensive consultation is designed to help the professional staff and volunteer leadership sharpen their focus on identity, outreach and engagement, as well as provide a framework for a more effective marketing effort for the year ahead.

It’s among the many benefits included with membership in JCC Association.

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