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Merrin Fellows

Started with the support of the Merrin Family Foundation, the Merrin Fellowship’s mission is to give those working with Jewish teens the skills to better serve this critical sector of the Jewish community, to enhance the profile of those working with teens in their respective organizations and throughout the movement, to enrich and deepen the Jewish identities of the participants, and to build a stronger professional network of teen service providers. Since 1999, more than 80 professionals have completed this 18-month program.

Professionals nominated and selected for the Fellowship engage in three seminars in North America (lasting approximately four days each,) one seminar in Israel for nearly two weeks, and a concluding program that joins their own three-day seminar with the JCCs of North America Biennial Convention (along with selected Fellowship alumni/ae.) All Fellows are provided intensive mentoring, including site visits, and are exposed to educators that will enhance both the seminar content and the coaching experience. All Seminars provide knowledge and skills that can be related to the following “pillars” of the Fellowship: (1) development of the Merrin Fellowship cohort; (2) learning about teens and applying this to their work; (3) building skills and growing as professionals; and (4) strengthening their identities as Jewish role models.

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