Our new signature program for early childhood centers in JCCs is known as Sheva. Early childhood education has been a centerpiece of JCCs for almost a century, and historically it has been a gateway into JCC programming for families with young children. Just as the early years are a critical time for a child’s individual development, the time spent in early childhood centers is also a critical time in a family’s identity formation and connection to their local JCC.

The number seven has extraordinary power in Jewish thought and practice. Because of its deep roots in Jewish tradition, we have chosen the word Sheva, which means seven, as the name of our early childhood education initiative. The seven core elements of Sheva are firmly rooted in the latest research on child development.

Seven Core Elements of Sheva

  1. Children as Constructivist Learners
  2. Early Childhood Directors as Visionaries
  3. Early Childhood Educators as Professionals
  4. Families as Engaged Partners
  5. Environments as Inspiration for Inquiry
  6. Discover CATCH as Sh’mirat HaGuf (taking care of our bodies)
  7. Israel as the Story of the Jewish People


Why participate in Sheva?

Sheva is designed to maximize the potential of your early childhood program to:

  • Be the central address for excellent Jewish early childhood education in your community.
  • Engage families as partners on their Jewish journeys.
  • Align with your agency mission and goals.
  • Reach out to collaborate with other departments in your JCC.
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