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About Strategic Vision Consultation

Imagine a cork at sea. It stays afloat, but its direction is determined by the wind. Is your JCC like that?

Strategic thinking is about focusing on the big things at your JCC. It is a tool for JCC leadership – boards of directors and senior management – to gain perspective about what they want for their JCC by answering the following:

  • What the organizational values and competencies should be 
  • Who the right people are 
  • What your current program portfolio looks like, and how it needs to change
  • What you are passionate about for your JCC, and what you can be the best in the world at
  • What you are in business to do, and what you aspire to be

The benefits of a JCC Association-led strategic thinking process provides key insights into what the major issues and challenges are for a JCC, with solid recommendations for next steps. Work products can include a statement of Organizational Values (serves as the basis of your JCC’s culture), desired Organizational Competencies (defines your 3-5 year training program), Program Portfolio (a profitability vs. mission matrix of all your programs), recommendations for primary and secondary strategies that build your organizational capacity, revised or reaffirmed mission/mission statement that guides decision-making, and a vision/vision statement outlining your long-term objective, or “BHAG,” your Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

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