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JCC Extranet Adds Social Media Component

Our new site is now live and available to all staff at affiliated JCCs across the U.S. and Canada. This extranet is a limited- access website that provides a trove of information on all the different things JCCs do, and adds new social media features that allow people working at JCCs to blog, microblog, follow others, and update their status on their own pages.  “This has the potential to transform how we provide service to JCCs and dramatically increase the value of affiliation,” said Jordan Shenker,  senior VP for community services at JCC Association. “This online resource will enable us to provide value to every JCC every day by continuing to add content and resources to this site over time and allow and encourage JCC staff to share content as well.”

The website is divided into Knowledge Bases, which are curated by JCC Association consultants and other experts. Currently, 10 Knowledge Bases are available, including day camping, fitness, governance and leadership, and marketing and communications among others. In the fall, nine more Knowledge Bases are planned to become active. These bases will contain informational documents, videos, photos, logos, webinars, planning guides, and lots of other materials. Training videos are available on the site to help people learn to navigate the bases and fill out their profile pages. replaces the first generation of JCC Association online information resources, JCC Resources. “Technology has moved so rapidly that we realized we needed an entirely new model of online resources,” said Chris Strom, director of new media and social networking. “ is far more robust and gives JCC professionals the ability to be much more interconnected.”

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