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J Brand

A revitalized JCC brand helps share the story of today’s J for a new era—and a new generation.

J Brand Pillars

  • Jewish—open to all, proudly guided by Jewish values
  • Heart—part tikkun olam, part that warm welcome at the door
  • Standards—we are aspiring people, always moving toward better
  • Flexibility—transformed by the community, and transforming for the community

The new branding aims to tell our story for a new era and unite JCCs and JCC camps throughout North America—because we all believe that when Jewish living transcends differences, anything is possible.

The J means different things to different people. With participants who range from newborns at “mommy and me” yoga, to centenarians in the schvitz—and everyone in between—the J opens possibilities for connections, open to all, proudly guided by Jewish values.

Development of the J Brand began in 2012. The process included JCC lay leaders, users and professionals in focus groups and research surveys—with more than 2,500 responses. And we relied heavily on crowdsourcing throughout the entire design phase. The response was unanimous, we needed a strong universal brand that could tell our story and share our values.

Jewish or not, observant or not, young-at-heart or just young, your J offers everyone the opportunity to live up—to themselves, their community, and their world—in whatever way they see fit. And the J Brand, now in use in more than 80 JCCs and JCC camps, seeks to communicate throughout every level of your JCC’s operations. The brand helps unite JCCs through emphasis on core tenets, while allowing your JCC great flexibility in expressing its individual identity within the greater movement.


Joanne Harmon

Joanne Harmon is the chief marketing officer (CMO) at JCC Association of North America. She joined the marketing team as creative director in 2014, bringing a broad range of talents that contributed significantly to the organization’s first rebranding effort in more than a decade. In her expanding role, Harmon has guided the organization to rebuild all communication platforms, elevate the marketing of all sponsored events and training sessions, and reestablish a public profile. As a creative director, Harmon contributed to these and other brands: Food Network, Cooking Channel, Showtime Networks, and Sundance. Her diverse portfolio of branding, design, and promotion for television, film, video, photography, print, digital, products, events, and more demonstrates the breadth and depth of her expertise.

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