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Make serving members a seamless experience for them—and your JCC.

“Brian’s visit was really valuable. He was able to provide insight into current trends, challenges and success in the field, and was very adaptable to our needs and schedule.”

Ivy Harlev, executive director, Siegel JCC, Delaware

JCCs are in the people business. Attracting new members and participants, and retaining them once they’re engaged by ensuring they have a best-in-class experience is at the core of your business model—and at the heart of all you do.

We help you sort through the hype. No one JCC has the time to be up on all the latest trends and analyses. You’re much too busy making sure that each person who walks through the door has that great experience. Our consultants do the research for you. We’ll put you in touch with the best training for your membership team, evaluate the latest trends, assist in developing effective marketing plans and provide solid advice backed by real metrics. Our Preferred Vendor Program puts you in touch with the products and services you need to achieve higher retention and member engagement.

We listen to your needs. Our consultants provide necessary membership system research and recommendations, effective training for staff and suggest new programs backed by successful implementation. When you want membership metric that matter, they provide the training.