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Culture of Safety Initiative and Pilot Program

The JCC Association Culture of Safety Initiative will run through February 2018 to learn and share JCC safety practices.

Every affiliated JCC will have the opportunity to participate in an online self-assessment tool called Benchmark & Protect, generously provided by The Redwoods Group, which will provide an up-to-date measurement of your JCC’s safety practices and protocols. It’s an intuitive, 45-minute self-assessment that is adapted to your JCC’s specific needs and risk areas. Each JCC will be able to:

  • See its overall score (0-100)
  • See its score for each section of the survey (aquatics, child sexual abuse prevention, etc.) (0-100)
  • Download their results into Excel

Your participation in the Benchmark & Protect Self-Assessment will amass quantitative and qualitative results, providing you with:

  • Solid recommendations based on the wide collection of data from as many JCCs as possible about their current safety practices
  • Identified proven practices based on lessons learned in the field
  • More safety resources

We can then explore how to create a scalable, systemized approach to empower all JCCs to learn how to create a Culture of Safety.

In addition, ten pilot communities are taking a deeper look at their safety practices with our partners The Redwoods Group. The Culture of Safety Pilot Program will enable us to share the pilot group’s experience and takeaways throughout the engagement with the broader JCC movement.

All JCCs will have access to The Redwoods Group short training videos, email newsletters and several webinars.

To participate in the Benchmark and Protect self-assessment, complete the application found here. JCC Association will register your JCC to take the Benchmark & Protect self-assessment. You will receive a confirmation that you are registered and then you will receive instructions.

If you have questions, please contact:

Robin Ballin: 212-786-5112
Steve Becker: 212-786-5105
Mackenzie Noda: 212-786- 5095