We Must Remain Big-Tent Organizations with Room for Diverse Opinions

Allan Finkelstein, president of JCC Association, reminded readers of JTA that JCCs are the original big-tent organizations, the place where Jews have always gathered to talk, to argue, and sometimes to disagree. Read his full op-ed piece here.


  1. Nancy November says:

    I applaud your support of Israel in this time when many Jews and non-Jews are confused about the balance between Israel defending itself and having the world’s approval. I can identify with this dilema. As part of a U.S. Army community my husband, who is an active duty soldier, and I turn to the JCCA for support as Jews in a community that is isolated from the mainstream Jewish community. Unfortunately, at our base, you have shown them that standards and morals are not important if you are a Jewish member of the military. We have real needs and deserve as much for our children and soldiers as a civilian Jew., but the JWB has said that we are a “subset of the Jewish community”. Unfortunately, we cannot depend on you to do your best for us. Through your endorsement of the Jewish Lay Leader here our Jewish soldiers go off to deployment here without anyone with a knowledge of Judaism to turn to when it comes to a holiday or Sabbath. There has not even been an announcement of Passover coming up in a week from now or matzo in our Commissary. The JCC and its Jewish Welfare Board has not listened to the Head Chaplain of the U.S. Army when it asked for a better Jewish representative at our base. How much can you care for Israel if you do not even care about the Jews in the military in the U.S.?

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