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Celebrating Fitness …and Fun

In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness day, celebrated last month, and a welcome return to routine after a holiday laden October, I want to share information about one of the more fabulously fun events that takes place annually in Tel Aviv each fall.

The 10K Tel Aviv Night Run has become a favorite sporting event for the last decade in the city that looks up to New York, priding itself for “never taking a break.” The night run, to be held this year on Oct. 30, is open to anyone who would like to participate, and turns the otherwise traffic-clogged streets of the First Hebrew City into a colorful mosaic of young, old, locals, and visitors enjoying probably the most vibrant version of the city. With DJs stationed throughout the route, and runners covered in glow-in-the-dark paint, the night run is a completely un-politicized event, fun for the sake of fun, in a region where it does not hurt to be reminded of the liberties, community, and vitality at our finger tips.

While the “Night Run” is indeed full of fun, in recent years there has also been a more robust presence of runners participating in order to support a meaningful cause. In fact, it can be said, that Sunrise-Katz, of the Sunrise Association, led by JCC Association’s Sara Sless, was a trailblazer in introducing the concept of a “sponsored run” in Israel. What initially was a pretty novel idea has become a staple in the Tel Aviv Night Run with “Sunrise Runners” donning special shirts and balloons to draw attention to their cause—raising money for day camps tailored to the needs of cancer-stricken children and their siblings.

Additionally, numerous corporations and high-tech firms have purchased slots ahead of time for their employees in the name of staff bonding, while all proceeds go toward Sunrise Association. So, next time you are in Israel—there’s nothing more fun than participating in this amazing event or others like it!

A look at last year’s Night Run

And if you don’t run—then walk or swim! Israel has a developed “Sports for All,” whose leadership includes representatives from Community Councils, environmental organizations, and sports clubs. “Sports for All” organizes 120 walks, family runs, and swims throughout the year in honor of, well, simply enjoying both fitness, and community. These events are, of course, meant to encourage the average participant and are usually held around different occasions throughout the year—celebrating anything from Women’s Health Day to seasonal flower blooming that is worth seeing before it’s gone. “Sports for All” works to try combine the average Israeli’s love for nature and hiking and a heightened awareness of wellness. This includes adding fitness equipment to national parks, as well as running weekly neighborhood walking groups.

Waiting to see you on the starting line in Israel!


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