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D’ash (Regards)

We are thrilled to share the launch of our new bi-monthly newsletter—D’ash(Regards) with friends who have participated in our various seminars, and Israel trips through your JCC. While you were in Israel,  you were able to connect to our homeland, our people, and our culture. We want to keep that connection going and keep it fresh. We know that you cannot come back as often as you would like, so we would like D’ash to bring a little of Israel to you on a regular basis. We want to remind you of the wonderful experience you had, and share with you some of the fun, new and interesting things. Please feel free to share this newsletter, along with your excitement about Israel with your friends and colleagues. As always, feel free to contact us directly for any matter.

We are devoting our premiere edition of D’ash to celebrating women. Of course, we are bursting with pride about the international success of the film, Wonder Woman, starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot in the lead role. We also want to focus on some lesser known wonder women who are moving and shaping Israel.

Spotlight on Campus TLV for Moms
Established as the world’s first baby-friendly start-up school for women entrepreneurs, Campus TLV for Moms, a social network co-founded by Google, Yazamiyot, and serial entrepreneur Hilla Ovil-Brenner, allows women to take advantage of their maternity leave for learning and networking. New mothers register to take part in workshops that enrich their interest in entrepreneurship and in leading a successful business as their little ones enjoy tummy time and more, close to mom. Watch this video to see for yourself how this creative initiative is helping new moms.Campus TLV for moms

In addition to Wonder Woman, another successful film in North America this summer—which made the rounds at several JCC film festivals last spring—is the Israeli movie “The Women’s Balcony” (Yesmach Hotni). Set in the Bukharan quarter of Jerusalem, the film tells of a close-knit Mizrahi congregation rocked by the collapse of the women’s balcony in their synagogue,  seriously injuring the rebbitzin.  While the community finds itself in transition, a new, fundamentalist and charismatic young rabbi sweeps in, while the community’s elderly rabbi is preoccupied with his wife’s condition. As the new Rabbi David oversees the synagogue repairs, he omits rebuilding the women’s section, sending a clear message to the women of the synagogue about their place, or lack thereof in synagogue life. The women ultimately prevail in their quest to return to their former place in synagogue life. “The film aims to demonstrate, it’s a real struggle for women to hold their ground in today’s Israel, where the ultra-Orthodox have a stranglehold on public religious life and fundamentalism is on the rise,” said one observer in the Times of Israel.  Screenwriter Shlomit Nehama, who spent childhood years in the same Bukharam quarter in Jerusalem,  has created a light, fun comedy-drama that leaves audiences feeling uplifted: The Women’s Balcony

Aspiring for equal representation:
In the spirit of UN resolution 1325, which calls for an equal representation of women in security affairs, and under the auspices of the American organization, the Institute for Inclusive Security, the D’vorah Forum was founded in Israel in 2009. The forum, named for the Biblical judge, D’vorah, who led the Israelites to victory in the battlefield, includes over 100 women, professionals in the fields of economy, law, security, and the environment. With the goal in mind of equalizing the representation of women in political negotiations, conflict resolution, and the design of foreign and security policies the forum has successfully led a number of initiatives which have brought to more representation of women in parliamentary committees, ministerial committees, participation in major conventions, as well as more media representation. Pictured below is Col. Miri Eisin former deputy head of combat intelligence corps and personal assistant to the director of military intelligence, who sits on the Board of Forum D’vorah and has become over the last decade one of Israel’s main voices on regional geopolitics, giving security briefings in Israel and throughout the world.

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