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Discover, Connect, and Share: The New JCC Resource Center Lets JCC Professionals Do It All!

by Gabe Most

What if the JCC Movement had a proprietary, password protected destination where all JCC professionals could—with just a few keystrokes—share and build on the expansive knowledge and resources their colleagues and JCCs throughout the movement have acquired through time and experience?

With the JCC Resource Center, now it does!

Launched this week, the JCC Resource Center not only replaces its predecessor, the intranet site, but offers a completely reimagined, revamped experience, making it easier and more efficient for JCC professionals all over North America to share information and resources that can benefit all. The JCC Resource Center’s powerful tools have been designed and developed specifically to encourage collaboration, communication, and information sharing—between and among professionals. It will be a valuable go-to resource for JCCs facing questions and challenges across programmatic and operational areas from HR and security to COVID-19 protocols and from programming options to center policies. In short, it will allow staff across the movement to mine the knowledge and expertise of a deep, movement-specific archives and—in a timely, topical, and organic way—address issues, concerns, and needs JCC professionals are grappling with right now.

Using the JCC Resource Center, professionals can:

  • Search 30+ Resource Libraries: Included in the JCC Resource Center is an archive of documents from across the JCC Movement, organized into more than 30 resource libraries users can search for information related to all facets of JCC life and work. Using a simple search bar located at the top of each page, JCC professionals can easily query the expansive Resource Libraries using a topic or keyword. For example, a search for “Capital Campaign,” produces results drawn from the libraries’ contents that include case studies, strategies, and presentation materials.
  • Search Discussion List Archive: The ability to search email discussions from many years ago up to the present is another useful feature of the JCC Resource Center. Users can search archived discussion lists, email queries, and replies among JCC peers by date range, specific list, keywords, and/or JCC. If, for example, a JCC wants to learn what other Js have done in the past to observe International Holocaust Remembrance Day, its staff can use “Email List Search” to query one or more specific discussion lists for programming about the annual commemoration.
  • Find People and JCCs: Whether in a neighboring town, a nearby state or province, or clear across the continent, JCC professionals can use the new platform to learn about other JCCs’ facilities, programs, and staff and connect with colleagues. Users can search for JCCs by many criteria including location, size, facilities, and offerings and for peers by name, job title, work area, location, and/or JCC.

Quite simply, this platform is Google and LinkedIn for the JCC world!

As the JCC Resource Center grows and JCC professionals become adept at using its powerful features, we are confident our professionals will find it increasingly valuable in strengthening their everyday work and, in turn, enriching all aspects of Jewish life—in their own communities and beyond. We encourage users to send documents, forms, and other programmatic and operational materials that might be useful to others in the movement to [email protected]. We will add them to the JCC Resource Center and, together, shape this impressive new tool—and our community—into one that brings pride to us all.

Now is the time for JCC professionals to log on, discover, connect, and share using the JCC Resource Center!

Gabe Most is the chief experience officer (CXO) of JCC Association of North America.

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