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JCC Movement Responds to Events at the U.S. Capitol

JCC Association of North America condemns yesterday’s unprecedented attack on our democracy and on the United States Congress by a mob seeking to disrupt the electoral process and the peaceful transfer of power that has been a hallmark of American democracy. The actions of those laying siege to the U.S. Capitol building shook this nation to its core, but it has also stiffened our resolve and our determination to restore honor and dignity to our country and its duly elected leadership. For more than a century, JCCs have been an engine for building and strengthening Jewish community through the celebration of our diversity of opinions, backgrounds, and points of view. Overcoming the divisiveness, which was on such appalling display yesterday in Washington, D.C., will require a rededication to the idea that what unites us as Americans is far more significant than what divides us—an idea that is at the very heart of who we are in the JCC Movement.

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