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JCC Association of North America Launches Talent Management Platform with Cincinnati Jewish Community Institutions

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JCC Association of North America Launches Talent Management Platform with Cincinnati Jewish Community Institutions
The platform created by JCC Association, the largest Jewish employer on the continent, strengthens the professional workforce of Jewish organizations across the U.S. and Canada

CINCINNATI, Ohio – This week, a coalition of major Cincinnati Jewish organizations will embark on a collaborative initiative in professional development that will help them better cultivate talent, retain employees and strengthen their work in the local community. The platform, developed by JCC Association of North America and known as Talent Management, will be adopted by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, Jewish Family Service Cincinnati, the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, and JVS Career Services and will be tailored to meet each of their unique professional development needs. This is the first time Talent Management is being made available outside of the JCC Movement.

JCC Association first piloted Talent Management in 2014 to address a growing talent gap across JCCs, as more senior-level professionals began retiring. The agency led surveys, consultations and focus groups with more than 150 staff members and lay leaders at JCCs, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and YMCA’s nationwide. The Talent Management Competency Assessment Tool (ToMCat) was the result of this process. ToMCat measures the competency areas and “soft” skills that are key to Jewish communal employees’ growth. It also points to workplace trends and identifies education and knowledge gaps that can inform organizations’ decisions to invest in professional development programs.

“Talent Management is the first professional development program of its kind to address the needs of the entire spectrum of Jewish organizations. As the largest Jewish employer on the continent, we’re proud to lead the way in standards and processes for Jewish com­­munal life across North America,” said Doron Krakow, President and CEO of JCC Association of North America. “Cincinnati presents a tremendous opportunity for this initiative. The Mayerson JCC and our partners at the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, Jewish Family Service Cincinnati, the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, and JVS Career Services are the community’s preeminent organizations. Together, we will help build an even more vibrant Jewish community in Cincinnati and model our potential for strengthening Jewish communities everywhere a JCC is found.”

The Mayerson JCC is one of 25 JCCs that use the Talent Management platform and ToMCat assessment tool to better engage their staff in their professional development. This week’s Cincinnati launch marks the first time Jewish organizations outside of JCC Association will adopt the platform. More than 100 Cincinnati professionals will participate in Talent Management trainings from the Mayerson JCC and partnering organizations.

“If we can execute across the main agencies and organizations of our Cincinnati Jewish Community, we will have a much stronger and richer talent pool.  It will also make our community more sought after by Jewish Professionals seeking great career opportunities,” Marc Fisher, CEO of the Mayerson JCC, said. “Not only will our talent across and within organizations be stronger, speak the same language and be supportive of one another, but we’re delivering on the promise of making Cincinnati a great community to work, play and grow for all ages.”

“Professional talent is a major factor in the success or setback of virtually every initiative we fund in our Jewish community,” Brian Jaffee, Executive Director of the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, said. “We believe that if we invest in talent – particularly in the kind of talent management and leadership development supported by the JCC Association platform – our community institutions will have greater capacity to fulfill their missions and produce even better outcomes.”

“We designed Talent Management knowing we could create a ripple effect beyond the initial staff who participate in the program. Other staff benefit from the learning of their peers and see more professional development opportunities. We are demonstrating that we value their contributions to the JCC movement, and they, in turn, feel invested in the movement,” Joy Brand-Richardson, Vice President and Director of Training and Professional Development at JCC Association, said. Brand-Richardson developed the program and will lead the Cincinnati trainings. “At the same time, we’re helping Jewish institutions hire, train and elevate the quality of their professional staff. Jewish communal professionals often move from one Jewish organization to another. Talent Management gives those organizations the same language and standards of performance that will set them up for success.”
There are currently 25 JCCs enrolled in JCC Association’s Talent Management program, representing 550 JCC professionals.


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