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JCulture will help six JCCs develop a local effort in creating a culture of respect across their entire Jewish community. With training, resources, and education, each JCC will identify local partners to build toward ensuring a safe, equal and respectful Jewish community both inside and outside the walls of any one institution.

Why is JCulture important?

It is imperative for Jewish communal organizations to implement high standards for creating safe, respectful and equitable workplaces. It’s appropriate for JCC Association to take the lead.

Recognizing that JCulture is inclusive of the voices represented in our JCCs, each JCC’s team will consist of the executive director, a lay leader and a senior staff member.

In order to bring the JCulture message and experience to the greater community, the JCulture team will invite at least three senior leaders from outside the JCC to collaborate with them.   For example, a federation executive, head of a Jewish school,  a rabbi, or leader of another Jewish non-profit would be welcome choices for the larger team.

Benefits of becoming a JCulture JCC:

  • $5,000 in funding for expenses toward the yearlong campaign and experience
  • Up to $750 per JCulture team member to attend two in-person trainings in 2020 (details below)
  • Three skill-building webinars in 2020
  • Online materials and toolkit provided by the SRE Coalition
  • JCC Movement professional support and guidance
  • One on-site visit
  • Guidance and facilitated learning to set the tone in the Jewish community to improve the current status of safety, respect, and equity.

JCulture selection process and timeline:

  • Selected JCulture JCCs will be announced winter 2019
  • Chosen JCCs will begin to have discussions within their JCulture team to determine a community-wide proposal by Jan. 15, 2020

JCulture Training:

  • JCulture will launch the yearlong program on Jan. 29, 2020  following Mifgash: Executive Leadership Forum in Dallas, Texas.
  • Additionally, the next in-person accelerated professional development experience will follow JSummit in Milwaukee on May 6, 2020.
  • Throughout the year, each team must participate in three learning webinars.

Implementation Standards:

Each JCulture team will shape its own program based on the safety, respect and equity needs of its community. While the SRE coalition is based largely around women’s issues, JCulture may expand to  any topic including, but not limited to, gender discrimination, sexism and sexual harassment.

    • Program/experience to be implemented in 2020
    • Must include at least three other Jewish workplaces in the community
    • After taking the SRE Diagnostic Assessment, the team will express their plan for measurable outcomes in time for the Jan. 29 meeting.
    • JCulture teams will participate in several reflections and evaluations of their experience in order to scale and model the program for the JCC Movement in the future.

For more information contact Joy Brand-Richardson at [email protected].