Allan Finkelstein on The Jewish Channel


JCC Association President Allan Finkelstein was part of a quartet of organizational leaders who spoke about the challenges the Jewish communal world faced in 2010, and what the future holds. Responding to the reporter’s question, Allan described the situation we faced as a result of the recession, and what he saw as solutions.   Watch the […]

Grover: The JCC Circle Interview


JCC Circle: You recently went to Israel. Was it your first time on a plane? What did you like best about your trip? Grover: First time flying? You must not know that I, your lovable pal Grover, am also a super hero — so flying comes naturally to me. Flying on a plane, however, tends […]

JCC Association Selects Seventh Cohort of Merrin Teen Professional Fellows Program


JCC Association’s Merrin Center for Teen Services has selected 16 professionals working with teens in affiliated JCCs and camps in North America to participate in the acclaimed Merrin Teen Professional Fellows Program.  The program will feature five seminars held over 16 months, with the first gathering in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in February. Participants focus on developing […]