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Rabbinical and Cantorial Scholarships

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council®
Rabbinical Student Scholarships Available

The following scholarship opportunity is available through JWB Jewish Chaplains Council® for rabbinical and cantorial students.

Arcadia Scholarship Program


  • Must be a rabbinical or cantorial school student attending a seminary full time.
  • Student must already be commissioned into the Chaplain Candidate Program (any service) or selected to participate in a Chaplain Candidate Program.


  • Up to $80,000 over 4 years (8 semesters) of rabbinical or cantorial school.
  • The scholarship, paid directly to the academic institution, may cover tuition, books, and fees.


  • A contractual agreement by the student to serve a three-year commitment in the active component of any service branch upon ordination.

Interested students are encouraged to apply.

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