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JWB Services

JWB Jewish Chaplains Council

JWB Services

Chaplain and Lay Leader Training Workshops

Training conferences for Jewish chaplains and lay leaders are held regularly, where chaplains and lay leaders spend several days together in study, worship, and workshop sessions for professional growth and enrichment.

Chapel Rack Literature

The JWB Jewish Chaplains Council provides informative and inspirational pamphlets on the festivals of the Jewish calendar, the life cycle, the foundations of Jewish faith and life, and on serving as a Jew in the US military. These pamphlets are available free of charge, in either print or PDF format.

Holiday Packages

Treats are shipped overseas before Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover, and Shavuot.

Liaison with the Defense Establishment

The Chiefs of Chaplains have expressed an ongoing concern for the needs of Jews in the U.S. Armed Forces and VA Medical Centers. Accordingly, JWB regularly acts as an advisor to them, the Armed Forces Chaplains Board, and the Department of Defense to assure that Jewish personnel are properly and effectively supported. The ability to provide guidance on Jewish military life has made the JWB Jewish Chaplains Council an indispensable problem-solving body on which American defense agencies rely.

Volunteer Programs

Local VA Voluntary Services Committees and Armed Forces and Veterans Services Committees perform personal services at VA Medical Centers and military bases across the country. The JWB Jewish Chaplains Council provides counsel and recognition to these volunteers.

Matching Jewish service members and their families with appropriate chaplains and lay leaders.