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Shlichim (emissaries) are young people from Israel who, following their mandatory military service, choose to serve for a year or more in Jewish agencies and institutions in communities around the world. Carefully screened and selected, shlichim personify the Jewish state and bring youthful energy, enthusiasm, and love of Israel to their work in JCCs, synagogues, summer camps, and other organizations.

The Shlichut Unit of JCC Association’s Center for Israel Engagement works with The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) to recruit, interview, and train young, idealistic, and dedicated Israelis for these positions in JCCs, where the shlichim:

  • Heighten awareness of Israel and create meaningful connections to the Jewish homeland
  • Promote a deep love of Israel and excitement about the country’s Jewish future
  • Engage community members in Jewish life, creating and enriching their bonds to Israel’s people, history, traditions, and cultures

Provide fresh perspectives about all facets of Israel to Jews and non-Jews

In addition to their primary work with their host organizations, shlichim also may teach in public schools, organize meetings at local Jewish agencies, or otherwise bring Israel to local groups and other entities, making them a bridge between the hosting JCC and the broader community. As a result, shlichim and their programs have significant influence within their immediate organization and the JCC professionals with whom they work, as well as in the community at large.