Israel and Your JCC

Israel Seminars

Our Israel office staff plans each seminar to focus on the specific needs and goals of the community. For instance, a JCC staff group may wish to combine a visit to Israel with volunteering at their Partnership2Gether community. Or an interfaith-family JCC group may want to focus on the different religious heritage sites in Israel. A group of early-childhood educators may want to spend time at preschools in Israeli matnasim. Whatever the interests of your group may be, our staff can craft an educational seminar to suit them, with plenty of time built in for fun and bonding.  Contact Sara Sless for information on how to plan the perfect seminar.


Upcoming Seminars 

  • Merrin Teen Fellows Israel Seminar, October 2013
  • Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, October 2013
  • Merage Jewish Community Center of Orange County and Cherry Hill JCC of New Jersey and Charlotte JCC, February 2014
  • Continental, February 2014
  • JCC Association Early Childhood Education Continental, March 2014
  • Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, March 2014
  • Washington, D.C. Jewish Community Center, April 2014
  • Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center of Miami, June 2014
  • Lekhu Lachem Continental, January 2015
  • Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, April 2015


  1. Wilson Alorsor says:

    EARTH SOLUTION FOUNDATION (ESF) is a humanitarian organisation. I believe our participation in the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Board Seminar, Arts and Culture – May 2013 will go a long way to build our capacity to help society.
    How do we get an Invitation so as to participate?

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