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What a Year It’s Been!

By Sara Sless One of the things I’ve always loved about Israel (after I made aliyah by emigrating from England), is living according to Jewish time. The week’s end is denoted by Shabbat, which begins at sundown on Friday, and school and work vacations are scheduled around the Jewish holidays, so schools are closed for … Continued

The Torah of Re-Opening: The Conflict Between Joy and Sadness

Mark S. Young Throughout this pandemic, I have been fascinated that the most resistance to return regulations—testing requirements, mask-wearing, and the like—comes from adults, not from children. My two kids, 8 and 5, for example, rarely complain about these requirements and never have said, “We didn’t used to have to do this. Why now?” They, … Continued

Why Visiting Mount Herzl Inspires Jewish Pride

By Leah Garber In his will, Theodor Herzl, visionary of the Jewish state, wrote: “I wish to be buried in the vault beside my father, and to lie there till the Jewish people shall take my remains to Israel.” Forty-five years later, the Jewish people fulfilled Herzl’s wish—a year after the Jewish state he had … Continued

JWB Chaplain Warren Receives Military Chaplains Association’s Distinguished Service Award

JWB Chaplain Warren Receives Military Chaplains Association’s Distinguished Service Award Efforts Promote Safe and Meaningful Delivery of Care Throughout the Pandemic NEW YORK — Lieutenant Commander Yonatan M. Warren, a U.S. Navy chaplain and member of JWB Jewish Chaplains Council® (JWB), a signature program of JCC Association of North America, recently received the Military Chaplains … Continued

How a ‘bless our workforce’ approach can help us frame the journey back to the office

By Mark Young Despite the pandemic’s scores of significant stressors, many Jewish organizations have thrived amidst the difficulties   As the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel grows closer and brighter, the Jewish communal workplace has reached an inflection point. For 14 months, Jewish organizations have adapted to remote and hybrid work environments, … Continued

Is it time for a new partnership paradigm in our Jewish community?

By Doron Krakow Together we can lower the barriers to participation. More than 3,200 professionals from 154 JCCs came together recently for Professional Conference 2021 (ProCon), the biennial conference hosted by JCC Association of North America. ProCon 2021, the largest-such conference in the long history of the JCC Movement, may also have been the biggest-ever online … Continued

Universal preschool: What could this mean for the Jewish community?

By Shma Koleinu What if Jewish early childhood centers embraced universal preschool by partnering with their states to open public pre-Ks? The Biden administration is calling for universal, high quality preschool for all three- and four- year-olds. How and why should the Jewish community support this, and what might this development mean for our schools? We authors … Continued